Ski Trip Destinations

I love traveling. Who doesn’t? I love exploring new places, seeing new people, and just getting out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to become a person that just stays in my bubble and forgets that there’s a world to explore!

I have a ton of travel plans; in fact, I should probably make a travel bucket list post to track everything. Today, I just want to tell you about my experiences with skiing and winter destinations.

Here’s the background: my family and some family friends have gone on a ski trip once a year for the past six years. Obviously, these have all been out of Texas. The first year, it was just my immediate family: parents, brother and me. We went to Red River, NM. It’s a very cute town that I hope to go back to some day. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any pictures from this trip–at least, not that I can find.

The second year, we went to Lake Tahoe, NV. It was gorgeous. I can’t stress how beautiful this place is. I would go back to Lake Tahoe in a heartbeat.


Here’s the fun part about this trip: we had a total of sixteen people in our group! We always rent a nice house or condo with enough rooms for everyone and it’s such a great time. We ski or explore the city all day, then come home and play drinking games all night.

The next year, we went to Breckenridge, Colorado. Another beautiful place, but the elevation of that town is 9,600 ft (that’s 2.6 miles!) Considering the average elevation in Texas is about 1,700 ft, this was exhausting for us. Even just walking up the stairs to the house was breathtaking–but not in a good way. Of course, we still had a ton of fun and enjoyed the scenery.


Now, this ended up being the trip during which my dad decided the “party crew” (as he lovingly referred to us) was a little too loud at night. My parents haven’t gone with us again, although we’ve had a few other trips that I’ll talk about in another post.

So, the “party crew” has gone on two other trips together. In 2015, we flew into Salt Lake City, UT and drove to Park City. Again, another beautiful destination. Park City is the best location for skiing because it’s surrounded by seven ski resorts that are all within relatively quick driving distance from SLC and Park City. Now something I hadn’t seen before that I found interesting is that some of these resorts do not allow snowboarding. So, if you’re a snowboarder and heading to that area, make sure you do some research beforehand on which resorts to visit.

During our trip to Park City, we went on an adventure and I had the least dramatic snowmobile accident ever. I basically was going very slow with a passenger and we hit a small snowbank and couldn’t correct the til; so we plopped over, snowmobile and all. Wouldn’t even have been something worth noting, besides the pain in my knee. I actually ended up having the limp the rest of the trip because of the pain and my family was teasing me about it the whole time. When we got home, I went to the doctor and turns out I tore my ACL! Fun times. (FYI, I had surgery to repair my ACL in June that year–2015–and everything’s back to normal now.)

Our most recent trip was January 2016. We orignally wanted to go to The MusicFest, which is held in Steamboat, CO every year. They have a great lineup of Texas Country and we’ve been trying to go for years, but the tickets sell out the day they go on sale. The whole party crew was disappointed that we couldn’t get tickets, yet again, so I started thinking…well, where else can we go that will be an awesome, big trip? Canada!

We flew into Seattle, WA and drove five hours to Whistler, British Columbia. Five hours sounds like a long time to be stuck in a vehicle, but when the view is that amazing, it feels like no time at all. Whistler and the whole drive there definitely gives Lake Tahoe a run for it’s money.

This was a wonderful trip and the first time I brought a significant other 🙂 That last picture with the blue-ish hue is in the Ketel One Ice Room–the world’s coldest vodka tasting room at -25°F. This was a really cool experience at Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, BC.

That’s what I’ve got so far for ski trips, although I’ve heard some talk that we may start planning a trip to Jackson Hole, WY for 2018! I’ll let y’all know if that happens and will definitely write a post about the planning and trip.

Has anyone else been to any of these places? Or have any suggestions for other awesome places to go skiing/snowboarding?


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